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Map of Terminal A

Dear passengers and guests of Vnukovo Airport, you can enter the terminal through the underground level of the terminal (directly from the underground station "Aeroexpress"), through the area of arrival from the ground level (from ground public transport, from multi-storey parking) or through the area of departure on the second floor (from the car trestle, entry to which is free).

Note that parking on the trestle leading to the departure area of Terminal A is prohibited. Since the trestle is a city street of public use of the city of Moscow, it operates traffic police outfits, cars of automatic registration of parking violations and evacuators of city services, as well as fines in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offences of the city of Moscow. Vnukovo Airport does not manage the process of moving cars to city fines and does not receive funds from the payment of fines.

The exit from the departure zone (second level of terminal A) to the trestle is closed in order to combat illegal parking and to reduce congestion at the entrance to the terminal. You will not be able to return to your vehicle if you leave it on the trestle and enter the terminal. To park the car, please use one of the airport parking lots.

In order to enter Terminal A from the underground Aeroexpress station, it is necessary to turn right after the glass doors of the station. However, due to the large influx of passengers during peak hours, a queue may form at the entrance. In this case for saving of time after glass doors it is better to turn on the left, once again on the left, to go outside on the station square and to enter the terminal through the first floor.

Passenger registration is done on the second floor of the terminal and automatically ends 40 minutes before the flight departure time specified on the ticket (for Turkish airlines flights - 45 minutes). The start of registration depends on the airline, but not later than two hours before departure.

Please don 't be late for registration! Staff at check-in desks do not have the technical opportunity to reopen the check-in after it is completed.

In order to save you time, we recommend electronic registration on your airline website if it provides such a service, or through self-service terminals at the airport (available for flights of Utair, Russiya JSC, Turkish Airlines). You can also print your electronic boarding pass on a special printer located to the right of the landing pass on the internal Russian lines.

Please note that in accordance with international requirements, sound announcements about the beginning and end of registration are not made, and announcements about the beginning and end of landing are made only in landing galleries. Please specify the information about flights by scoreboard in the terminal or in the online scoreboard on our website.

On the third floor of the terminal there are cafes, VIP lounge, Business lounge of international lines and airline offices.

The main waiting rooms are located in the landing galleries of internal Russian and international lines after passport control. For the convenience of passengers in the terminal there are several Business lounges.

Flight status alerts by email

You can subscribe to the flight status via email for free. Service is provided by AeroStatus company.

To get the flight status you can send an email to

Subscription to all flight status updates
For today flight just send an email with flight number with sign "?" at the end in the email body.
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Subscription to status updates of the flight in the future.
For flight in the future please send a message with flight number with sign "?" and date in DD/MM or DD.MM format. Information is available for flights, scheduled for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or after two days.
Example: XYZ123? 22.07 or XYZ123? 22/07

To unsubscribe please send an email with STOP word in the email body.