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Check-in for flights

Dear passengers! Passage to areas of domestic and international airlines is possible only if the passenger has a boarding pass.

Passengers are checked in on the second floor of the terminal and automatically ends 40 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket (for Turkish airlines, flydubai and FlyOne flights - 60 minutes). Check-in time depends on the airline, but no later than two hours before departure.

Please do not be late for registration! Employees at the check-in desks do not have the technical ability to re-open registration after it ends.

Before departure, all passengers must register for their flight and, in addition to the existing ticket, receive a boarding pass.

A paper boarding pass can be printed in advance on any printer, as well as received before check-in at the check-in counters of your flight or printed on REPRINT devices located in front of the entrance to the departure area of ​​domestic airlines, opposite the 61st and 80th check-in sections ( Utair and other airlines) and opposite the 85th registration section (“Russia”). Turkish airlines passengers can use self check-in kiosks.

Transfer / transit passengers arriving and departing by domestic airlines may also print a paper boarding pass by contacting the transfer / transit passenger check-in counter.

If you need to get a mark (stamp) about passing special control on a paper boarding pass, you will need to have a printed boarding pass with you and, if necessary, ask the aviation security officer at the special control desk to put a mark (stamp). Please note that getting a mark (stamp) on a paper boarding pass at the airport of departure is only possible during pre-flight procedures. After the flight is completed, all requests for confirmation of the flight should be sent to the carrier (airline).

Certain flight destinations may have special conditions for online check-in. Please check them on the websites or in the help services of airlines.

Possible registration methods

Preflight inspection areas

Dear passengers! For all questions of violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, contact the Moscow Transport Prosecutor's Office. Go to the official website
We wish you a happy journey!

Flight status alerts by email

You can subscribe to the flight status via email for free. Service is provided by AeroStatus company.

To get the flight status you can send an email to

Subscription to all flight status updates
For today flight just send an email with flight number with sign "?" at the end in the email body.
Example: XYZ123?

Subscription to status updates of the flight in the future.
For flight in the future please send a message with flight number with sign "?" and date in DD/MM or DD.MM format. Information is available for flights, scheduled for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or after two days.
Example: XYZ123? 22.07 or XYZ123? 22/07

To unsubscribe please send an email with STOP word in the email body.