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Important information - Coronavirus (COVID 19)

19 march 2020

Dear passengers and guests of Vnukovo International Airport!

The staff of Vnukovo International Airport does everything possible for your safety during your stay at our airport, despite the difficult situation in which we all find ourselves due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At Vnukovo Airport, together with the Rospotrebnadzor and the Moscow Department of Health, an unscheduled treatment of ventilation and air conditioning systems with a specialized antiviral disinfectant Miksamin-chlorine was carried out. Measures are being taken to disinfect rooms, ventilation, and air conditioning by the Moscow City Disinfection Center in case of suspected infection. We have placed more than 50 stationary dispensers with an antibacterial disinfectant in the waiting rooms and public areas. Every day, twice a day, all of the areas are cleaned with the use of Dezaktiv-M and Abacteril disinfectants.

A separate meeting/arrival route has been organized for passengers arriving from epidemiologically unfavorable regions. The route has specially allocated stand-alone passport control cabins. At the exit from the passport control zone, a quarantine control zone with round-the-clock duty by the staff of Moscow hospitals was organized. In the quarantine control zone, 100% questioning, remote thermometry, and inspection of all arriving passengers are carried out. If passengers with a suspected illness are identified, they can be taken out of the airport building along a separate route and taken to an infectious hospital with an ambulance. At the airport, there is an isolator for the temporary maintenance of passengers with suspected contagious disease.

Mobile units of airport employees have introduced non-contact thermometry, and a medical examination of the health status of staff is being carried out. Remote thermometry is carried out by stationary installations along the route of all passengers, both for arrival and departure. 
Accept our assurances that the airport has created all possible conditions to ensure the safety of your health.
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