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In the airport's medical centers located on the second level of terminal A, you can always count on medical care at the first level of terminal A (for patients transported on stretchers)

Vnukovo Airport also has its own medical unit, offering a wide range of medical services to employees, airline staff and the public:
  • - urologist: all types of care, including surgical treatment of prostate and urolithiasis, treatment of impotence;
  • gynecologist: radiowave ablation of erosions and polyps, endometrial examination, IUD insertion and removal;
  • endocrinologist all types of outpatient care;
  • radiation diagnostics: ultrasound and x-ray examination using modern devices, ultrasound of the vessels of the extremities, heart, brain, and breast ultrasound;
  • registration of medical certificates: weapons, driver's certificates, form #086, health books;
  • conducting preventive and periodic inspections
  • medical and flight expert Commission
  • dermatologist radiofrequency treatment of warts, Kandil, skin lesions
  • doctors of other specialties.
Service for passengers with limited mobility and passengers with disabilities

If you need help getting around the airport and boarding a plane, please contact our service "Mobility Assistance" in advance by calling +7 (495) 436-61-89. Services are provided free of charge. The service Desk "Mobility Assistance" is located on the left side of the departure area of terminal A (second floor). a bright yellow stripe on the floor leads to the counter from the entrance to the terminal.

Passenger service with children

In case of flight delays, passengers with small children can stay in the mother and child room on the second floor of terminal D, where there are comfortable cots, changing tables and play areas for children. Please note that you will first need to take your child to the medical center (in terminal A) for a brief medical checkup and access to the mother and child's room. For admission to the mother and child room, you will also need to check your Luggage in the Luggage storage room located on the underground level of terminal A.

In addition, on the left side of the departure area of terminal A (second floor), there is a Children's waiting room with soft carpet, toys, sofas and a TV. Children's lounge services are provided free of charge upon presentation of a boarding pass. The hall is open around the clock.

Restrictions and contraindications to flights

Due to the fact that air flights are accompanied by certain overloads and changes in pressure, it is strongly not recommended to make a flight without extreme necessity and without the support of medical professionals:
  • newborns (up to 7 days);
  • pregnant women in late pregnancy;
  • people who have suffered a heart attack, stroke (if the attack occurred less than 10 days before the flight), suffering from heart diseases with painful attacks;
  • people after surgical operations that involve the introduction of air into a closed body cavity;
  • people with increased intracranial pressure;
  • people in the period of acute mental illness;
  • suffering from decompression sickness, sickle cell anemia.
Contraindications to the transportation of patients on scheduled passenger airplanes of civil aviation

It is forbidden to transport patients suffering from the following diseases by air:

  1. Feverish and acute infectious diseases
  2. Tetanus
  3. Polio (bulbar form with respiratory disorders)
  4. Laryngeal stenosis with respiratory failure
  5. Acute peritonitis
  6. Gas gangrene
  7. Shock condition
  8. Acute TBI and spinal injuries during the entire period of clinical symptoms
  9. Precomatous, comatose state on the background of diabetes mellitus
  10. Acute sepsis
  11. Uremia
  12. Acute angina with signs of preinfarction
  13. Hypertensive crisis
  14. Acute cardiac arrhythmia
  15. Cardiovascular diseases in the decompensation stage (stage 3)
  16. Condition after heart attack and stroke within 5-6 months
  17. Acute leukemia and Werlhof's disease
  18. Purulent meningitis
  19. Labyrinthitis and Meniere's symptom complex in the acute stage
  20. Tumors of the posterior cranial fossa
  21. Active pulmonary tuberculosis with pronounced pulmonary-heart failure
  22. Primary artificial and spontaneous pneumothorax
  23. Glaucoma from the stage of subcompensation and decompensation, retinal detachment
  24. Eclampsia
  25. Mental patients who are dangerous to themselves and others
  26. Cancer patients in advanced stages with symptoms of impaired (deep) blood circulation and respiration (effusive pleurisy with displacement of the mediastinal organs)
  1. Transportation of patients with the specified diseases is allowed on regular passenger planes of CA as an exception for vital indications, except for items 1, 21, 25.
Organizations and persons preparing the patient for transportation by plane must provide him with accompanying medical personnel and medicines.

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