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Dear passengers! Vnukovo International Airport reports that foreign passengers can use the services of the National Operator Tax Free, Global Blue, HI SKY and Tax Free Premier. The place for registration of VAT refund is located in the Customs area near Round Bank for passengers' convenience, where they can go through all the necessary procedures without going to the common area of the airport. Employees of the Federal Customs Service carry out all the necessary measures to make documents for a tax refund, regardless of whether the goods are in the baggage or hand luggage.

You can get a refund in two ways: by bank transfer or cash. There are Tax Free boxes for several operators, where you can drop an envelope with documents and after processing, they receive money on a credit card.

Flight status alerts by email

You can subscribe to the flight status via email for free. Service is provided by AeroStatus company.

To get the flight status you can send an email to

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For today flight just send an email with flight number with sign "?" at the end in the email body.
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For flight in the future please send a message with flight number with sign "?" and date in DD/MM or DD.MM format. Information is available for flights, scheduled for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or after two days.
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