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The action "I spread kindness in Russia!" Took place at Vnukovo International Airport

5 december 2019

On December 5, Vnukovo Airport and Rossiya Airlines, together with the Federal State Budget Institution Rospatriotcentr, held an action, "I spread kindness in Russia!" It took place as part of the celebration of National Volunteer Day, established in 2017 by Decree of the President of Russia.

The main goal of the action "I spread kindness in Russia!" is to popularize volunteering and inform about the possibilities of self-realization as a volunteer and about the prospects that open up for participants in the volunteer movement.

The solemn event began with the performance of the children's pop group, "Three Oranges." Then, near the interactive stand, the volunteers of the "I Am Free" fund and the flight attendants of Rossiya Airlines spoke about the development of volunteer movement in our country, including social events in which Vnukovo Airport takes part.

Employees of the airport's cynological service have demonstrated how service dogs can ensure the safety of travelers at Vnukovo International Airport. The demonstration was attended by a cynological team with dogs of the Malinois breed (Belgian Shepherd) and Airedale, which held demonstrations to search for simulators of explosives in real conditions. Moreover, the volunteers of the "I am Free" fund provided an opportunity for passengers to use a tactile contact to communicate with a dog-therapist. This type of dog is trained to calm those who are afraid of air traveling.

On this day, the participants of the action were able to take a quiz from Vnukovo International Airport and Rossiya Airlines and win souvenirs, as well as receive the main prizes - flight certificates with any destination flights of Rossiya Airlines.

Besides, everyone had the opportunity to participate in workshops, for example, on the manufacture of rag toys for homeless cats and dogs. Furthermore, in a special photo zone, attendees could take a selfie and write a post on social networks about the importance of caring for animals. The action at the airport was joined by the Director-General of Rossiya Airlines Sergey Alexandrovsky, who donated dry food to the "I Am Free" fund.

Vnukovo International Airport willingly joined the action "I spread kindness in Russia!" because participation in social events is an essential and integral part of the enterprise. The airport staff, on an ongoing basis, conduct tours, exhibitions, entertainment programs for children and veterans.

Vnukovo International Airport and Rossiya Airlines regularly conduct joint social events. Among them are the traditional tours of the airport and aircraft of the Airline for сhildren of the "Give Life" fund. As part of the year of ecology in Russia, Vnukovo Airport and Rossiya Airlines, with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, organized a photo exhibition for passengers, "Rossiya Zapovednaya." In Vnukovo, within the framework of joint actions to draw attention to the conservation of the rare animal population, the already famous Leolet and Tigrolet airlines of Russia Airlines were presented.

On December 5, festive events were held throughout the country on National Volunteer Day. An international forum of volunteers was held in Sochi Olympic Park, where at the final concert, the winners of the All-Russian contest "Russian Volunteer 2019" were awarded prizes. Furthermore, the authors of the best volunteer projects were awarded grants.

In Moscow, meanwhile, actions were held by various government agencies and commercial enterprises. Among them are Russian Railways, GUM, VDNH, Moscow Metro, and others. On this day, people could learn about the activities of volunteers, participate in quizzes, and collect things for those in need. Besides, "kind" concerts with young artists took place in the Moscow metro throughout the day. Since the end of November, the "Labyrinth of Kindness," which tells the stories of specific volunteers, has been posted at VDNH.

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air transport complexes in Russia. Annually, the airport serves about 200 thousand flights of Russian and foreign airlines. The route network of the airport covers the entire territory of Russia, as well as neighboring countries, Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. In 2018, Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record and served 21 million 478 thousand passengers, which is 18.4% or 3 million 340 thousand passengers more than in 2017.

The airport complex Vnukovo has a total area of about 300 thousand square meters. Vnukovo airport is able to provide capacity of up to 35 million passengers per year.

Vnukovo International Airport, the only one among the airports of Russia, received the award of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin for his labor success and highly professional performance.

In addition, Vnukovo Airport was recognized as the best airport in the category “International Airport with passenger traffic of over 10 million passengers per year” of the national award “Air Gate of Russia” as part of the V National Aviation Infrastructure Show NAIS-2018. In 2019, Vnukovo Airport was recognized again as the best airport in the category “International Airport with passenger traffic of over 15 million passengers per year”.

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