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Vnukovo International Airport has begun a phased de-escalation from anti-epidemic restrictions

27 may 2020

Vnukovo International Airport, in cooperation with government agencies, implements a set of measures aimed at phasing out the anti-epidemic restrictions introduced in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection. Following the guidelines of the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation dated 05/20/2020 No. 02/10029-2020-23, it is stipulated that the return to the usual mode of air transportation will be carried out in 3 stages. To control the spread of COVID-19 and comply with the requirements to prevent relapse of internal epidemics, Vnukovo Airport will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of passengers.

  • The enhanced pass-through regime from June 1, 2020, as before, provides for entrance to Terminal A only upon presentation of a paper / electronic itinerary receipt or boarding pass, but restrictions on admission to the airport complex for citizens escorting and meeting passengers are now lifted. You can also enter the Terminal to book or buy tickets, visiting airline offices. Still, mobility groups of passengers and the people accompanying them will use the priority for entering the Terminal. The passage of other citizens will be prohibited.
  • Following clause 9.4 and clause 1.4 of Appendix 7 of the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated May 7, 2020 No. 55-UM "On Amending the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated March 5, 2020 No. 12-UM", the obligatory mode of carrying funds is in effect personal protection (masks and gloves).
  • If necessary, personal protective equipment can be purchased at the airport complex.
  • Thermometry with thermal imagers is carried out by everyone entering the airport. If an elevated body temperature (more than 37 ° C) is detected, the citizen will be prohibited from entering the airport complex.
  • The air terminal complex regularly disinfects ventilation and air conditioning systems with specialized antiviral disinfectants to ensure the sanitary safety of passengers. The frequency of regular cleaning of the building increases.
  • In all areas of the Terminal for passengers, contactless dispensers with a disinfectant for hands are installed.
  • Daily medical monitoring of the health status of all personnel at the airport is carried out.
  • Airport staff is regularly briefed on the prevention of coronavirus infection spread and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Catering points will continue to operate takeaway only.
  • Stands were installed with information on the prevention of coronavirus infection. A sound alert was provided to passengers about the symptoms of the disease and the necessary measures for the non-proliferation of COVID-19 and the need to use personal protective equipment.
  • Employees of all airport services interacting with passengers work in masks, gloves, and protective screens. Agents of airlines and service companies working at check-in also use individual protective screens.
  • In all areas of preflight formalities, special floor markings are applied to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Passengers of all international flights, including transit ones, under the control of employees of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, undergo mandatory thermometry. For this, stationary and portable equipment is used. The questioning of arriving passengers is carried out.
  • The frequency of apron buses will remain increased to avoid crowding of passengers. Disinfection of vehicles and the processing of contacting surfaces (seatbelts, handrails, seats) is carried out daily, with special care.
  • If passengers with suspected infectious diseases are identified, special escort routes are provided for them to escort from the Terminal, and ambulances send such passengers to infectious diseases hospitals. Besides, additional disinfection of their places of residence is carried out with specialists from the Moscow City Disinfection Center.
  • In the Terminal, teams of the airport's medical services and medical facilities in Moscow, as well as specialists from Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Emergencies, are on duty around the clock.
  • An isolator has been organized at the Vnukovo Airport for the temporary stay of passengers with the suspected infectious disease who are not allowed to enter the Russian Federation.

The management of partner airlines operating flights to/from Vnukovo Airport has been sent proposals on strengthening the disinfection regime, holding training seminars for employees of cleaning companies, using air disinfection systems, cleaning and ventilation of aircraft cabins, as well as other anti-epidemic measures.

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air transport complexes in Russia. Annually, the airport serves about 200 thousand flights of Russian and foreign airlines. The route network of the airport covers the entire territory of Russia, as well as neighboring countries, Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. In 2018, Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record and served 21 million 478 thousand passengers, which is 18.4% or 3 million 340 thousand passengers more than in 2017.

The airport complex Vnukovo has a total area of about 300 thousand square meters. Vnukovo airport is able to provide capacity of up to 35 million passengers per year.

Vnukovo International Airport, the only one among the airports of Russia, received the award of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin for his labor success and highly professional performance.

In addition, Vnukovo Airport was recognized as the best airport in the category “International Airport with passenger traffic of over 10 million passengers per year” of the national award “Air Gate of Russia” as part of the V National Aviation Infrastructure Show NAIS-2018. In 2019, Vnukovo Airport was recognized again as the best airport in the category “International Airport with passenger traffic of over 15 million passengers per year”.

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