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Dear passengers and guests of Vnukovo International  Airport!

Vnukovo International Airport informs you that since the beginning of October 2018 on the front square and on the trestle compliance with the rules of parking and stopping cars is controlled with the use of automatic photo shooting facilities. We ask you to closely monitor road signs and observe traffic rules. We remind you that the airport square is located on the territory of Vnukovo district of the Western Administrative District of Moscow. In connection with this, traffic police outfits, cars for automatic registration of parking violations and evacuators of city services operate in the area of the private square. Fines are also in force in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offences of the City of Moscow. Places of short-term stop on the front square of Vnukovo Airport and trestle for boarding (disembarkation) of passengers are defined by the zones of validity of the installed road signs 3.28 "Parking is prohibited" and corresponding road markings. Parking of vehicles in security areas is prohibited.

In connection with inspection activities at the entrances to passenger terminals, we ask you to come to the airport in advance. Please take into account the possible delays that may occur at the terminal entrance when registering for a flight or passing passport and pre-flight controls.

Please note that the departure area of Terminal A (check-in desks and exit access) is located on the second floor.

To & from Vnukovo


Vnukovo is 12km (7,5 miles) southwest of Moscow, linked directly to the Kiyevskoye highway (M3, E101) and to the Borovskoye highway. The Minskoye highway (M1, E30) is a 25-minute drive away.

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Vnukovo airport is 35 minutes from Kievskiy railway terminal in central Moscow (“Kievskaya” metro station) via the non-stop Aeroexpress.


City buses 611, 611c, 611ф (means 611f) go to “Yugo-Zapadnaya” metro station on line 1 (red). Travel time is 25-40 minutes.

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