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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

General Info

The Consular Section at Vnukovo International is a formal representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Section handles urgent matters pertaining to consular services rendered to both RF and foreign citizens leaving and/or arriving in the Russian Federation by air.
The Consular Section at Vnukovo International offers the following services:

  • Information and consulting assistance to the R.F. and foreign nationals with regard to the R.F. entry / exit requirements and procedures.
  • Liaison with foreign diplomatic missions in the Russian Federation;
  • In exceptional cases and as per relevant resolutions by the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs involving foreign nationals, as well as [currently] stateless persons, the Vnukovo Intl. Consular Section has the authority to extend, amend the date of entry into the R.F., cancel the R.F. entry visas, issue transit visas, transfer valid visas from invalidated [cancelled] or expired passports into the new ones.

The Consular Section at Vnukovo International is located in terminal A and operates 24/7 (round the clock, seven days a week).

For more information please call :

+7 (495) 436-40-19, +7 (495) 436-27-36
For more information about the R.F. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Service and its operation as well as for further in-depth advice for both RF and foreign nationals traveling abroad and/or [re-]entering the Russian Federation please log on to the R.F. Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website at:

Current Info For Passengers

Effective June 1, 2007 and as per relevant Agreements between the Russian Federation and the European Union on simplified visa-issuance procedure (a visa waiver program) in respect of both the RF and EU nationals, bearers of valid diplomatic passports from any of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Estonia are allowed to enter, leave or transit via the Russian Federation without a visa, provided their period of stay in the Russian Federation does not exceed 90 days within any given semiannual period (180 days).

Similar conditions apply to the RF citizens, bearers of valid diplomatic passports and traveling to any of the EU countries listed above.

At the same time, the visa waiver procedure as applicable to bearers of valid service (official) passports with their country of citizenship being any of the EU nations listed above and such as has signed relevant agreements with the Russian Federation, shall continue in force as before.


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