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Labor Protection

The management of Vnukovo International Airport JSC (hereinafter referred to as the «Organization»), when carrying out its activities, recognizes the priority of ensuring the preservation of the life and health of all employees, creating safe working conditions, and preventing injuries during or proceeding any activity.

The Occupational Safety Policy is a public declaration of Vnukovo International Airport JSC on its intention and guaranteed fulfillment of state regulatory requirements for occupational safety and voluntarily assumed obligations.


The main objectives of the occupational safety policy at Vnukovo International Airport JSC are:

  • the preservation of the life and health of all employees in the course of their work;
  • ensuring a safe environment;
  • reducing the level of exposure and preventing occupational risks;
  • ensuring the reliability and safety of equipment, processes and facilities of the Organization;
  • ensuring continuous growth in professionalism and the qualifications of its employees.

The implementation of the Policy objectives are achieved by:

  • complying with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and other regulations on labor protection;
  • ensuring occupational safety and preserving the health of all personnel by taking preventive measures to prevent injuries and the deterioration of health;
  • conducting regular risk assessments at the workplaces of employees of the Organization, taking into account the specifics and type of production, the nature of the risk, in order to identify hazards, as well as ensuring the management of professional risks in accordance with approved procedures within the Organization;
  • informing each employee of the Organization about any identified hazards and risks in the workplace;
  • maintaining a high level and continuously improving the training of all employees in the field of occupational safety by organizing high-quality training and regular knowledge testing;
  • raising the level of safety and improving working conditions by providing personnel with collective and individual protection means;
  • ensuring the functioning of all levels of industrial control on compliance e at the workplace adhering to legislative and other regulatory requirements in the field of occupational safety and health;
  • increasing the level of responsibility and ensuring the involvement of each employee of the Organization, regardless of his profession or position, in compliance with duties in the field of the labor protection and safety code;
  • carrying out regular special assessments of working conditions and control over production in compliance with sanitary regulations and requirements and the implementation of such sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures;
  • informing employees about the results of any special assessments around the working conditions and production control of their workplaces;
  • ensuring the availability of reliable information about the state of labor protection in the Organization;
  • continuous improvement to the occupational health and safety management system to maintain and update so that it always meets the current needs of the Organization.

The management of the Organization, realizing its responsibility for the employees life and health preservation, voluntarily assumes obligations for the implementation of the Policies main objectives.