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For legal Entities

To make a payment for the provision of paid medical services* the interested person must send a letter with the official letterhead to Msch@vnukovo.ru indicating the required services:

  • medical examination and medical supervision during the inter-commission period;
  • preliminary or periodic medical examination;
  • medical examination (Federal Law «On Transport Security»);
  • pre-shift (pre-trip) medical examination;
  • Medical (narcological) examination (based on the referral for a medical examination to establish if the use of psychoactive substances are present,  issued by a representatives of the Safety Inspectorate, the Customer or the doctor of the Medical Unit in the following cases:
    • aviation incident and incidents;
    • suspicion of drinking alcoholic beverages;
    • suspicion of the use of narcotic substances and psychotropic substances, in the case of a positive rapid test, the biomaterial is sent to a lab for further confirmation for CTI;
  • vaccine prophylaxis;
  • outpatient care;
  • dental care;
  • acquisition of on-board medical kits.

* All medical services are provided subject to an advance payment without an invoice by the Contractor. Further, payment for Medical services are carried out on the basis of Invoices at the current tariffs issued by the Contractor upon the provision of Services, which must be paid by the Customer within ten working days of the date of issuing the corresponding invoice.

For information on medical care, applications  and how to pay, please contact the Department of Organization and Planning services:

For individuals

Paid medical services are provided to individuals at their own expense at the conclusion of the contract «On the provision of paid medical services to individuals»

* In accordance with the price list approved by the General Director of Vnukovo International Airport JSC following  the current legislation.

* The contract form can be obtained at the registry.

For the provision of paid medical services for individuals, contact the Registry of the polyclinic: