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Vnukovo International Airport

Vnukovo International Airport is the oldest operating airport from the Moscow aviation hub and one of the largest aviation complexes in Russia. Vnukovo’s network covers the entire territory of Russia as well as neighboring and distant foreign countries. In 2019, Vnukovo International Airport broke its record by serving over 24 million passengers. Vnukovo International Airport is the closest to the capital’s center and the only airport located in Moscow. It has a versatile multi-purpose system of transport communications with four highways, a railway to the terminal complex and also helicopter services. In the near future, Vnukovo plans to open Russia’s first metro station to be integrated into an airport terminal.

The airport complex consists of Terminal A and a VIP lounge located in a separate building. Within walking distance of Vnukovo, there is a comfortable hotel named Ekipazh, found in the park area of the Vnukovo settlement.

The first floor in Terminal A serves arriving passengers. Departing passengers use the second floor of the terminal which is connected to the flyover. The third floor is equipped with VIP lounges that also feature conference rooms.

Every floor in Terminal A has everything you need to pass the time at the airport such as comfortable waiting areas, shops, restaurants, pod hotels and business lounges. Our Business lounges offer only the best & latest magazines and newspapers, refreshments, buffets, massage chairs, a dedicated children area and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Passengers with limited mobility can use the ramps and elevators to move around the Terminal. Such elevators have cabins that are 1.1 meters wide and 1.4 meters deep with doorways 0.9 meters wide. The elevators are equipped with handrails and call buttons placed at a height accessible to passengers with limited mobility. The elevators also feature Braille buttons and voice announcements. The terminal has a smooth floor system that allows passengers with reduced mobility to move freely. In order to best service our disabled passengers, the following equipment is available: heavy duty wheelchairs, stair climbers as well as video phones and induction loops for facilitating communication between visually/hearing-impaired passengers and the airport staff. If necessary, our airport staff can accompany disabled passengers from the terminal entrance to boarding.

Vnukovo Airport also provides comfortable conditions for passengers transiting through Moscow. Unlike other airports in Russia and Europe, here you can take the shortest route from the domestic flights area to the international flights area without leaving the terminal.

Vnukovo Airport stands out thanks to the latest solutions and best practices in information technology. Today, the airport provides passengers and airlines with a world-class range of information services. The widespread use of the Internet and mobile devices allows passengers to comfortably and independently prepare all of the necessary documents even before they arrive at the airport. And if you need to stay online, Terminal A provides Wi-Fi throughout the whole area of the terminal.