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Vnukovo-Cargo (LLC) provides the following services:

  • Cargo and mail handling;
  • Handling of special cargo categories, including those with non-standard volumes or weight;
  • Cargo transfer service;
  • Accelerated cargo handling;
  • Express mail handling;
  • Air freight transportation;
  • Loading/unloading motor vehicles;
  • Registration of shipping documents;
  • Customer support;
  • Special cargo inspection;
  • Storage of incoming/outgoing cargo and mail including perishable, dangerous, and valuable cargo in specially equipped rooms;
  • Provision of packaging materials, containers, lining material, sealing and labeling;
  • Provision of specialized equipment;
  • Provision of armored vehicles for the transportation of valuable and theft-prone cargo.


Rates for the services provided at the terminal

Rates for freight transportation