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For the media

Submitting requests for information to the Vnukovo Airports media service

Send your request to Oksana Sokolova, Head of the Airports Media Service:

Send an email to the following addresses: press@vnukovo.ru and Oksana.Sokolova@vnukovo.ru

The request should contain:

  • Main topic;
  • List of questions;
  • When, where, and how the provided information will be used;
  • Contact information for both the editorial office and reporter.

We will answer your request within three working days, in some cases up to five working days.

Applying for a free photo or video shoot

Media shoots that cover the activities at Vnukovo Airport can be done free of charge.

Please send your request with an official letterhead of your company to Dmitry Saprykin, General Director at Vnukovo International Airport, JSC:

Please send an email copy of the request to the head of the press service: press@vnukovo.ru

The request should contain:

  • The purpose of shooting;
  • Scenario;
  • Areas and facilities of the airport complex where you want to shoot;
  • Desired date and time of shooting including the time period required;
  • A list of the shooting team members with their passport data (full name, passport serial number, date of issue, the issuing authority, date and place of birth and their registered address).
    *Please note: passport data must be indicated directly in the request on the  official company’s letterhead;
  • Information about the equipment to be used through the shooting process;
  • Contact information.

Our press service will answer your request for video/photo shooting within three working days. We will contact you and let you know the next steps. Depending on the selected area of the airport, coordination with security services may take up to seven additional working days.

Please call the press service directly if you require any further information:

Pay attention!

Dear colleagues, since Vnukovo International Airport is a systemically important facility, we ask you to understand the time it takes to coordinate a shoot with security services and government agencies.

Applying for a paid video/photo shoot

Fictional or scenery shoots around the airport’s facilities are conducted for a price set on a case-by-case basis.

The cost of shooting is determined by the specialists in the airport’s commercial department based on the existing rates. After that, we sign a contract with your company with the invoice attached. In some cases, the cost may be changed by the general director of the airport if necessary.

To organize fictional or scenery shoots, please send an application to Dmitry Saprykin, General Director at Vnukovo International Airport:

Please send a request for shooting to the media service: press@vnukovo.ru or over the phone: +7 (495) 692-09-65, +7 (495) 436-28-24.

The request should contain:

  • Scenario;
  • Date of location viewing (if necessary);
  • Areas and facilities within the airport complex where you want to shoot;
  • The desired date and time of shooting, including the time period required.

Shooting conditions will be determined in agreement with the commercial department. The commercial department will also issue a shooting permit based on a signed contract and a paid invoice.