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Social Responsibility

Vnukovo International Airport actively develops the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility

Vnukovo International Airport continuously follows the principles of corporate social responsibility which is an integral part for effective operations and business development. The company is constantly improving its work in the field of environmental protection, human rights protection, industrial and occupational safety, the environmental impact as well as building long-term and sustainable relationships with various stakeholders.

Environmental issues are a priority at Vnukovo Airport.

A responsible attitude to the environment includes:

  • The company’s commitment to the principles of sustainable development, adherence to and the implementation of its environmental policy;
  • the functioning and regular auditing of the environmental management system for compliance with the requirements with ISO 14001:2015;
  • the implementation of measures to ensure environmental safety and minimize the negative impact on the environment as a whole;
  • the availability of the relevant environmental documentation.

The retention and development of human resources:

  • Employee training and development;
  • partnerships with educational institutions and training programs for the development of young personnel;
  • measures in place to counter the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • the payment for work corresponding to the labor market;
  • programs to improve the social and living conditions of our employees;
  • occupational health and safety activities.


  • Cooperation with the federal legislative and executive authorities as well as civil institutions;
  • support for the district community and interaction with the local authorities;
  • cooperation and the active involvement in the development of the professional community, deep integration into the dialogue for the development of the industry.