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Vnukovo Cargo

Vnukovo-Cargo is a high-tech office and warehousing facility with a built-in two-level cargo terminal. The facility was built from the ground up and has been in operation since 2009. Nowadays it provides ground handling services for cargo and mail. The office and warehouse is situated within close proximity to the cargo aircraft hangers. The first level of the warehouse is reserved for servicing domestic and international cargo, including special cargo. There are rental warehouses for duty-free shops and express carriers on the second level of the warehouse. The offices are divided into  government agencies who handle veterinary checkpoints, plant quarantine and customs. There are also office spaces for brokers, freight forwarders, airlines and their authorized agents.

About us

The high level of service and efficiency  is maintained by the following capabilities being present in our cargo facility:

  • A production capacity of 150,000 tons of cargo per year or 450 tons per day;
  • works 24/7;
  • a reliable security and video surveillance system;
  • works with transfer cargo;
  • the ability to sort and process cargo as well as mail;
  • all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide quality services for the storage and handling of various categories of cargo, including: PER, AVI, VAL, VUN, HEA, HUM, DGR, SER, BIG, CAO, OHG, VOL, DIM, DIP, FIL, HEG, MUW, OBX, PEA, NWP, GUN, WET, AOG, LHO, EAT, PEF, PES, PEM, CBV;
  • 16 reception windows equipped with dockwellers;
  • a cutting edge IT system that helps not only to book cargo, but also to track its status, including through a corporate website.