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Slot and schedule coordination

Moscow/Vnukovo airport is a Level 3 fully- coordinated airport according to IATA classification.

Requests for operation, change or cancellation of all types of flights shall be submitted daily from 0000 till 2359 LT in the form of a SCR message via the following communication channels and to the following addresses:


When requesting slots it is prohibited:

  1. to plan flights arrival and departure less than 15 minutes prior to the effective time of the published airport flight operating restrictions;
  2. to plan flights arrival earlier than 15 minutes after termination of the published airport flight operating restrictions;
  3. to submit a request for operation, change or cancellation of flight once the aircraft begins movement from the stand at the airport where the slot request was submitted (departure slot request), when the aircraft is airborne (arrival slot request), in case of ACFT actual landing at the airport where the slot request was submitted (arrival slot request).

Slot discipline

Pay attention!

In case slot deviation exceeds 2 hours, mandatory re coordination of slot is required.

Information about the declared capacity and operation schedule of the airport (OFI — the Official Information of the Airport) for the current and forthcoming seasons is published.

Departure/arrival delay

  1. In case of predicted deviations from the agreed departure time flights, which entail violations of the aircraft maintenance according to the approved TGO of the aircraft, the airline is obliged to send a telegram to Vnukovo International Airport MVT format for flight departure time transfer. Communication channel for telegram transmission MVT:

  2. With a predicted delay of more than 2 (two) hours, the airline in addition, sends a request for slot adjustment to Vnukovo International Airport in the form of an SCR telegram to calculate the technical capability of the airport. Channel transmission of SCR telegrams.
Pay attention!

Please, use indicators of terminal of passenger service and indicator of apron for A/C parking.

Indicators of terminals and aprons (for A/C parking)

Main Terminal A A А
Terminal D (Domestic) D Д
Terminal B (International) B В
General Aviation Terminal 3A 3A ЗА
General Aviation Terminal 3B 3B ЗВ
Kosmos (General Aviation) K К
VIP Vnukovo 1 V Ж
ZOLD Vnukovo 1 Z З
Post Cargo Complex PG ПГ
Cargo terminal G Г
Sector (STC Russia) S С
Vnukovo-2 V2 В2

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