Due to renovations, the elevators in the underground passage to the bus stops are temporarily not working. Use the pedestrian crossing.
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Airport directions

Pay attention!

Due to security checks at terminal entrances, please arrive at the airport in advance. Give yourself enough time for any delays that may occur at a terminal entrance, during check-in, passport control or security checks.

Dear passengers and guests at Vnukovo Airport!

Vnukovo International Airport uses automated cameras to observe the rules and conditions of parking to ensure no drivers park in the terminal square or on the flyover. Please pay attention to road signs and follow the traffic rules. Please be informed that the airport terminal square is located in the Vnukovo District of the Western Administrative District of Moscow. Thus, there are traffic police units, vehicles for automatic detection of parking violations and city tow trucks working in this area. Vehicles violating the rules in the area are subject to fines in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offences in Moscow. Passenger pick-up and drop-off areas for short-term stays in Vnukovo Airport’s terminal square and the flyover are indicated by the No Parking signs (sign 3.28 of Traffic Rules) and road lines. Parking in safety zones is prohibited.

Please note that the Departures area of Terminal A (check-in counters and boarding gates) are located on the second floor.