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Vnukovo-Cargo LLC

Managing director Vnukovo-Cargo LLC
Igor Kravchuk
119027 Moscow, Vnukovo Airport territory, building 1, p. 19

Service Department

Information on sending and receiving cargo
16-101, 16-105

Commercial Department

Lost & Found


Transfer & transport booking


Transaction Center

Recruitment Department

How to get to the cargo terminal

Driving directions for clients of Vnukovo-Cargo LLC

Directions for travel and reserved parking spaces for clients of Vnukovo-Cargo LLC

Vnukovo-Cargo LLC clients who are sending/receiving cargo which is located within the territory of the cargo yard at Vnukovo-Cargo LLC and the adjacent territory without charging, providing that the employee of the service is provided with a regime when leaving the cargo yard (Vnukovo-Cargo LLC) or an employee from the parking service (Auto-house LLC), whose workplace is located in the modular one-storey building (spider in front of the entrance to the cargo yard of Vnukovo-Cargo LLC) at the address: Vnukovo Airport, 1, p. 20, Office 1, Phone number: +7 (909) 927-69-39:

  • Parking ticket;
  • A completed application for the processing of incoming cargo / an application for the organisation of cargo transportation / an application for the processing of arrived cargo / delivery of cargo from a warehouse / an application for the delivery of arrived cargo with a confirmation mark (personal numbered stamp) from an employee of the Vnukovo-Cargo LLC team (Terminal Service Agent) about the delivery of cargo to a warehouse or a receipt of cargo;
  • Vehicle registration certificates.
Tariffs for one-time transport arrangements


30 minutes — Free grace period

15 minutes — Allocated time to leave following parking payment

Monthly subscription rates

P1, P2 — 3 700₽

P6 — 4 100₽

P7 — 6 600₽


Please call for any additional information

+7 (909) 927-69-39

+7 (906) 732-68-94

These rates are valid from 01.02.24

The postal and cargo complex can be reached on foot via the passenger terminals at Vnukovo Airport, which can be reached by Aeroexpress, bus or taxi.

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