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Air Traffic Control

Vnukovo ATSU is a structural subdivision of the «Moscow ATC Center», FSUE «Air Traffic Management State Corporation». The primary function of the unit is to provide public air navigation services to airspace users in their area of responsibility.

Vnukovo ATSU consists of both UATMS (Unified Air Traffic Management Systems) and Radio-technical Communications and Navigational Equipment (RCNE).

UATMS at Vnukovo Airport and RCNE services has over a hundred highly qualified specialists made up of air traffic controllers, engineers and radio technicians who ensure safe air traffic control in the Moscow airfield around Vnukovo) and  on the ground whilst maneuvering around the airport apron using the latest radio equipment.,

The RCNE service provides an array of measures for air navigation to both airspace users and air traffic service agencies in terms of presenting information from observation, radio navigation and landing facilities, as well as ensuring the correct functionality of aviation telecommunications.

Vnukovo ATSU provides air traffic services both in Russian and English. We carry out regular training sessions to improve the quality and level of our English speaking air traffic controllers at the Vnukovo UATMS Control Center. This is tied in with the introduction of the new standards specifying the requirements for English language proficiency levels of flight crews and control staff of civil aviation introduced by the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2008. Since 2008, each air traffic controller at the  UATMS Control Center has been required to have a minimum English proficiency level of C1 and above according to the ICAO scale.

Vnukovo Airport is the «front gate» of Russia. Aircrafts with heads of states and official delegations on board take off and land here. It demands a special responsibility on UATMS and RCNE services. The staff of Vnukovo ATSU are unique specialists.

The reconstruction of Vnukovo Airport continues. Part of this reconstruction is to also improve its air traffic services with a supply of new modern radio-technical equipment to both the  UATMS and RCNE services. These include, but not limited to: ATC radar, airfield survey locators, ATC Automation Systems, airfield traffic monitoring and control devices and more!

The approach to the organization of workplaces for air traffic service employees has also changed. It complies with international standards. All these changes will allow Vnukovo ATSU to work smoothly and seamlessly during high season and ensure the safety of all aircraft movements in all weather conditions in accordance with the ICAO meteorological standards.