Due to renovations, the elevators in the underground passage to the bus stops are temporarily not working. Use the pedestrian crossing.
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How to get by metro

Vnukovo is the first airport in Russia that can be reached by metro.

In September 2023, a new section of the Solntsevskaya metro line was opened, which included the Vnukovo Airport station. Now passengers can get to Vnukovo from almost anywhere in the city without transferring to other modes of transport. 

You can reach Terminal A from the platform of the Vnukovo Airport station via an underground passage, as well as the arrival/departure platform of Aeroexpress trains and surface transport stops (No. 911).

The closest metro stations to Vnukovo Airport are Vnukovo Airport (Solntsevskaya Line) and Salaryevo (Sokolnicheskaya Line).

City bus route No. 911 follows from the Salaryevo metro station to Vnukovo Airport.

Travel time is 18–20 minutes, traffic interval is 10–15 minutes.