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COVID-19 Testing

Testing for SARS-Covid-19 is carried out on the second floor of Terminal A at the biomaterial collection point of the Archimedes Clinic laboratory opposite registration desk 140.

Before taking the test

It is not recommended for the following:

  • to eat, drink, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth/throat, chew gum or smoke within two hours prior to taking the test.
  • use medicines for irrigation of the oropharynx and drugs for resorption within two hours prior to taking the test.


LLC «Clinic of new medical technologies Archimedes» (check-in counter 140)

Full name Limited Liability Company «Clinic of new medical Technologies Archimedes»
Abbreviated name LLC «Archimedes Clinic»
Address 119261, Russia, Moscow, Vavilova str., 68, k. 2
OGRN 1055011327140
Medical license LO 41-001137-77/00555311 dated August 27th, 2014

Archimedes Clinic of New Medical Technologies Call Center


PCR express test 50 min 3500 rubles
90 min 2750 rubles
PCR daily test results within 24 hours 1850 rubles
Pay attention!

Cash & card payments accepted.
Following the results, a certificate is issued in two languages (Russian/English) which can be sent via email.

Working hours: 24/7 subject to a technical break from 03.00am to 05.00am.

Services for passengers with limited mobility

If you need assistance when moving around the airport and boarding the plane, please contact our service group for passengers with limited mobility by phone +7 (495) 436-61-89 in advance. Services are provided free of charge. The service desk for passengers with limited mobility is located on the left side of the departure area of Terminal A (second floor). A bright yellow stripe on the floor leads to the counter from the terminal entrance.

Services for passengers with children

In case of delayed flights, passengers with children can stay in the nursing room found on the second floor of Terminal D. There are comfortable cots, changing tables and many different games for children to play.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you will first need to go with your child to the medical center (in Terminal A) for a brief medical examination and admission into the nursing room. To be admitted into the nursing room, you will also need to hand over your baggage to the storage room located on the underground level of Terminal A.

In addition, on the left side of the departure area of Terminal A (second floor), there is a children’s waiting room with safety carpets, toys, sofas and a TV.
Children’s lounge services are provided free of charge upon presentation of a boarding pass.
The hall is open 24/7.