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How to get by Aeroexpress train

Aeroexpress Trains from Kievsky Railway Station and Aminevskaya Railway Stop

Aeroexpress trains to Vnukovo Airport depart every hour from Kievsky railway station and the Aminevskaya railway stop. Travel time to the airport from Kievsky railway station is 33 minutes, from the Aminevskaya railway stop, 23 minutes.

The Aeroexpress terminal can be accessed straight from the Kievsky railway station (Kievskaya metro station, opposite Evropeisky shopping center).

The terminal has a waiting area and ticket offices as well as ticket machines where you can buy Aeroexpress tickets. Ticket machines dispense change and also accept card payments.

The hall at Aminyevskaya railway stop also has ticket machines. For travel from Aminyevskaya, all current Aeroexpress fares apply.

From Aminyevskaya you can make a quick and convenient transfer to the stations of the same name D4 and the Big Circle metro line.

At Vnukovo Airport, the Aeroexpress train arrives at an underground railway station directly connected to the lower level of Terminal A. There is no need to go outside to get to Terminal A as it can be accessed via the underground passage.

We strongly recommend that you arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours prior to departure of a domestic flight and no later than 3 hours prior to the departure of an international flight.

You can buy Aeroexpress tickets in advance through the company’s website or in the app (iOS, Android).

Online tickets do not have to be printed. To pass through the gates, you just need to scan the ticket’s QR code on your smartphone or tablet with the reader.

Train to the airport can be found here.

Train from the airport can be found here.

Pay attention!

Aeroexpress provides free assistance to passengers with limited mobility as well as special terms for legal entities.

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