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Vnukovo's Partner Сonviasa Airlines Launches New Flights

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Starting from February 18, Vnukovo's partner Conviasa Airlines launches flights to the resort town of Porlamar. It is located in the southeast of Margarita Island, a popular tourist attraction in Venezuela. Porlamar is a modern town with a developed infrastructure that includes many hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is also a business and shopping center, as well as the clubbing capital of both Margarita Island and Venezuela.

The first flight from Vnukovo will depart at 11:30 PM, arriving at Porlamar at 06:15 AM, local time. At the beginning, Conviasa will perform direct scheduled flights every two weeks on Saturdays. In future, it plans to increase the frequency of flights. Conviasa operates this route with long-range Airbus A-340-600 aircraft.

Currently, the company's fleet consists of Airbus A-340, Boeing-737-200, as well as regional aircraft ATR 42 and 72, Embraer 190 and 195.

Conviasa is the national carrier of Venezuela, operating both domestic and international flights. The airline reports a steady demand for air transportation.

In Russia, passengers can visit Conviasa's representative office at Vnukovo Airport, Terminal A. Its friendly and highly professional staff members are always ready to help passengers and assist them with booking/purchasing flight tickets, as well as provide pre-flight and post-flight services at Vnukovo Airport. 

Vnukovo International Airport has no doubts that Conviasa is a reliable partner for planning new projects that offers high-quality services and impeccable results.

The tickets are already available at Сonviasa's sales offices at Vnukovo Airport. To learn more about rates and prices please call +7 (495) 436-76-86, +7 (985) 779-96-90

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air hubs in Russia. Each year the airport handles about 200,000 flights of Russian and foreign airlines. Its network covers the whole territory of Russia as well as near and far-abroad countries. In 2019, Vnukovo International Airport served over 24 million passengers, breaking its own record. Vnukovo airport terminal with a total area of about 300,000 square meters can handle up to 35 million passengers annually. Vnukovo International Airport is the only airport in Russia to have received Letter of Commendation from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for its professional achievements and high performance. Moreover, Vnukovo Airport was recognized as the Best International Airport by Air Gateway of Russia award at National Aviation Infrastructure Show (NAIS) for three consecutive years.