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Congratulations on Behalf of Vnukovo International Airport on the Occasion of the Great Victory Day Holiday

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May 9 is a day that has become a symbol of the heroism of our people, their indomitable fortitude, and the invincibility of their spirit. The great care displayed by the older generation for the fate of their homeland is a shining example of patriotism and the strength of the people’s faith!

We are forever grateful to the heroes who gave us a peaceful sky over our heads, who fought at the front and in the rearguard, and who rebuilt the country in the post-war years. We will cherish in our hearts  the memory of the victors who defeated the enemy during the war years, defending our right to freedom with no thought given to glory or reward.

Today, our common task is to preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War, to understand its lessons, and to educate young people to respect their forebears. No matter how many years have passed since May 1945, we will never forget that it was a terrible war and a great victory in the struggle for the independence of our Motherland, for the right to live, work, love and raise our children. It is a great honor to be the heirs of such a victory! We bow down in honor of the veterans, witnesses and participants of those hostilities. We will never tire of saying thank you so much for giving us peace!

May the memory of the feats of our people live on in good deeds, may it give strength and courage to honorably continue the traditions of our fathers and grandfathers, to increase the wealth of our native land, and to ensure its well-being and prosperity. On behalf of Vnukovo International Airport, we wish you all good health, perseverance, and faith that good will triumph!