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Vnukovo International Airport Congratulates Employees and Veterans of Civil Aviation on Their Professional Holiday!

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Russian Air Force Day is a holiday of strong-willed, brave and courageous people: pilots, aircraft designers, maintenance and control personnel, flight attendants and other workers of the Russian aviation industry. They are skilled professionals who ensure the effective operation of the Russian Air Force, flight safety and comfort of our passengers.

The history of the Russian Air Force is tied to the heroic deeds of our legendary pilots, breakthrough achievements in aircraft engineering, setting altitude records and flying over the longest distances.

Thanks to the daily work of civil aviation employees, the devotion to their mission and the ability to find the best solutions even in the most difficult situations, our country will always be proud of Russian aviation.

Vnukovo International Airport congratulates everyone who dedicate their life to the sky and wishes you good health, rapid career growth, harmony and prosperity!