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Vnukovo International Airport congratulates Yakutia Airlines on its 20th Anniversary

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Vnukovo International Airport is delighted to congratulats its reliable partner, Yakutia Airlines, on the 20th anniversary of its foundation. During this period, over 13 million passengers have used the air carrier’s services, 133,252 tonnes of cargo has been transported, and the combined total flight distance of the aircraft fleet has reached a total of 447.5 million km. Since 2003, the airline has operated 51,000 flights from Vnukovo, and transported 5,620,000 passengers.

Yakutia Airlines regular services cover all regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), as well as a number of cities in central Russia and the Far East. The airline’s fleet today consists of such aircraft as the Boeing 737-800 and 737-700, Bombardier Q400 and Q300, and the SSJ-100. The airline’s flight and technical personnel have unique experience in mastering new types of aircraft in extremely low temperatures in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Far North and the regions of the Far East. The company is actively developing in the organization of air transportation, primarily by introducing modern aircraft on the airline’s routes. Yakutia was among the first in the Far East and in Russia to introduce Russian Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft into the fleet, and subsequently the airline took delivery of the updated SuperJet 100 in the «Long Range» configuration (extended range). As a result, the flight and aviation engineering personnel of the air carrier have accumulated a wealth of experience in terms of operational and periodic maintenance of such aircraft. Yakutia has an independent certificate for the maintenance of SSJ-100 aircraft according to all types of regulations, including C-Check (one of the most complex forms of maintenance, which is performed every 7,500 hours of operation), engine change, service bulletins, and has all the appropriate equipment and facilities (hangars) at Yakutsk airport. It is worth noting that only Yakutia Airlines has the necessary aviation and technical base and personnel with the competencies required for SSJ-100 maintenance in the Far East.

A similar certificate is now available for the maintenance of Bombardier Q300 aircraft. The first C-Check in the history of Russian aviation on this type of Canadian aircraft was carried out at the Yakutia Technologies Aviation technical base in the fall of 2022. In general, experienced professionals of the aviation engineering service and flight personnel have been considered the hallmark of the airline for many years and continue to prove their high qualifications.

Successfully combining the best Russian traditions with modern international safety and quality standards, the company continues to grow and develop, building on its worthy history, and is capable of implementing the most daring projects in the interests of the country and the domestic transport complex. Vnukovo Airport extends its congratulations to the management and staff of Yakutia Airlines on their anniversary, and wishes continued prosperity, further development of the route network, and constant growth of passenger traffic.

Vnukovo International Airport is one of Russia’s largest air transport hubs. Each year the airport handles approximately 200 000 flights by Russian and international airlines. Its network covers the whole territory of Russia as well as short- and long-haul destinations, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. In 2019, Vnukovo International Airport served over 24 million passengers, breaking its own record. Vnukovo airport terminal, with a total area of about 300,000 square meters, can handle up to 35 million passengers annually. Vnukovo International Airport is the only airport in Russia to have received a Letter of Commendation from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for its professional achievements and high performance. Moreover, Vnukovo Airport was recognized as the Best International Airport by Air Gateway of Russia award and Best Airport: overcoming challenges 2020 at National Aviation Infrastructure Show (NAIS) for three years running.