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For disabled passengers

Prokofiev Lounge

Domestic departures

2 900 ₽

per passenger for three hours of stay

  • Children under twelve years of age get a 50% discount
  • Children under two years of age are served free of charge
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Prokofiev Lounge is located after the pre-flight security checks on the second floor of the domestic departures area, across from Gate 13. To get there, check in for your flight, then proceed through the pre-flight security checkpoint and then up the escalator to the business lounge.

What is included in the service

A comfortable and spacious waiting area
A buffet service with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Showers at an extra charge
Massage chairs
Children's area
Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers and magazines
Pay attention!

Business lounge services are available to business class passengers, members of airline bonus programs, members of ON PASS, Persona Aero, Grey Wall, Dragon Pass, Golden Key, Comfort pass, RusPriority, any lounge loyalty programs as well as passengers who pay for the service on their own.

You can pay using card, cash, wire transfer or via the company’s website.