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The first MOO-MOO cafe opened on February 11th, 2000 near the Frunzenskaya metro station. Today, it’s a chain of 35 cafes around Moscow and the Moscow region. All of them are conveniently located near a metro station or a tourist attraction having a distinct design and serve delicious homelike meals.

MOO-MOO cafes have a trending self-service «free flow» system where customers move along the counters with appetizers, soups, main dishes and desserts. Customers can choose anything they like and ask the staff to serve it with any variety of side dishe. They then proceed with their tray to the cash counter.

The MOO-MOO cafe offers a wide range of fresh salads, meat, chicken, fish and soups. For example, you can order shashlik (barbeque), pelmeni (dumplings) or blini (pancakes) that are so popular in Russia. They go well with fruit juices and wine. For dessert, you can order mors (fruit or berry drink) and a cake with a tea or coffee. There are over 200 items on the menu known and loved by the locals. The menu is frequently updated; four times a year, the chefs add new dishes with seasonal ingredients of exceptional quality like vegetable side dishes and berry desserts in summer and fruit pies in the fall.

Guests are greeted by MOO-MOO’s mascot, a big friendly cow.