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Horoshie Novosti


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, 2nd floor
International Departures
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Horoshie novosti is a nationwide minimarket chain.
There are four minimarkets at Vnukovo Airport: two stores in the common area, one in the domestic departures area, and one in the international departtures area.

All stores offer:

  • Print media (books, magazines for adults and children)
  • Stationery (sketchbooks, notebooks, postcards, pens, etc.)

In the international airlines area, guests can also order freshly brewed Julius Meinl coffee and buy a bottle of drinking water to take on a plane.

The Horoshie Novosti store on the 3rd floor in the common area offers a wider range of products:

  • Food products and beverages
  • Travel essentials (bags, backpacks, pillows, headphones, etc.)
  • Games and toys
  • Jewelry and women’s accessories
  • Russia-themed or Moscow-themed souvenirs

In the common area, you can also buy travel carriers for your pets.