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The Staff of Vnukovo International Airport Congratulates Rossiya Airlines on its 88th Anniversary!

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Over its long history, Rossiya Airlines has come a long way from organizing and managing the Leningrad–Moscow airline to becoming a Russia-wide carrier, with the largest fleet of domestic-made airliners, and an extensive route network.

Today, Rossiya Airlines’ effective team includes more than 7,000 people. The airline unites «under its wing» a close-knit team of experienced and highly qualified specialists. The joint efforts of the carrier’s team ensure the transport accessibility of our country’s regions.

Vnukovo International Airport enjoys a fruitful cooperation with Rossiya Airlines: since 2016, Rossiya has operated more than 89,000 flights to and from Vnukovo Airport, carrying over 15 million passengers. Today, Rossiya Airlines successfully operates regular passenger flights from Vnukovo Airport on the Moscow-St. Petersburg route.

On behalf of the entire staff of Vnukovo International Airport, we wish all the employees of Rossiya Airlines success in their work, the attainment of new heights, and unending good flying weather!