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Dear passengers!

Please note that to enter the areas for domestic and international airlines, you must have a paper boarding pass.

The check-in area is located on the second floor of the terminal and automatically closes 40 minutes prior to the departure time indicated on your ticket (60 minutes for the Turkish Airlines, flydubai and FlyOne flights). Check-in begins at the time determined by the airline, but is usually no later than two hours prior to departure.

Please don’t be late for your check-in! The staff at the check-in counters do not have the technical ability to reopen a check-in after it has been closed.

All passengers must check-in for their flights prior to departure and receive a boarding pass in addition to their existing ticket.

A paper boarding pass can be printed in advance before the end of a check-in at the flight check-in counters or on one of our REPRINT devices located:

  • Before the turnstiles and the entrance to the domestic departures area;
  • after the turnstiles at the passport control counters in the domestic departures area;
  • in front of the 70th and 71st check-in counters.

Please check with your airline if you can print your boarding pass on a REPRINT device after check-in has ended.

Transfer/transit passengers arriving and departing with domestic airlines can also print out a paper boarding pass at the check-in counter for their connecting flights.

There may be special conditions for an online check-in for certain flight destinations. Please check them on the website or via the airlines information service.

Possible Check-in Methods

On the website of your airline.

Check-in is available for the following airlines:

Check-in using a mobile-device is available for the following airlines:

  • Turkish Airlines via the mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • «UTair» via the mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • «Pobeda» via the mobile app for both iOS

Check-in counters

Please check the number of your check-in counter via our websites online information board or on the information boards found in the airport terminals.

Pre-flight security checks

Pre-flight security checks, customs inspection, passport control and boarding gates are all located on the same floor at the back of the hall.

Following the security checks and passport control, passengers can pass the time in our spacious and comfortable waiting areas boasting the best shops, cafes, and other entertainment services.

Boarding gates:

  • Gates 8/8A–17/17A: Domestic flights, left half of the boarding area, entry from the left side of the hall;
  • Gates 22/22A–31/31A: International flights, right half of the boarding area, entry through customs inspection and passport control from the center of the hall.

We wish you a great journey!