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Vnukovo International Airport congratulates employees and veterans of the border troops on the Day of the Border Guard!

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The history of the border troops of our Fatherland has become a glorious chronicle of exploits in the name of the security of the country and the people. May 28 is an important holiday that embodies loyalty and love for the Motherland, courage and patriotism.

Today, the border troops of the Russian Federation are guarding the integrity of the state frontiers and our security. Courage and bravery, the highest professionalism, the ability to act at the limit of strength, selfless adherence to military duty and service to the interests of Russia are the main qualities of representatives of the border troops.

Special words of gratitude and deepest appreciation to the veterans who serve as a positive example for our youth.

Dear servicemen, veterans of the border Guard service, on behalf of Vnukovo International Airport, we congratulate you on the holiday! Please accept my sincere words of gratitude for your hard work, for your courage! We wish you success and good health!