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The operator of the cargo terminal of Vnukovo International Airport Vnukovo-Cargo LLC has turned 15 years since its foundation

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15 years ago, on July 23, a new service company was founded Vnukovo-Cargo LLC, specializing in cargo handling, mail, and packaging facilities. The department was founded as part of the Vnukovo Airport investment program. In order to carry out the operational activities of Vnukovo-Cargo LLC in the period 2006-2009, a new cargo terminal of Vnukovo Airport was designed, built and put into operation — one of the largest and high-tech postal cargo complexes in Russia.

The total area of the postal and cargo complex is 57 thousand square meters, the area of warehouses is 17 thousand square meters, which allows processing up to 150 thousand tons of various cargo and mail per year.

Promising technological and design solutions laid down at the design and commissioning stage ensure a high level of quality of services provided to airlines and customers of the cargo terminal. Similar cargo and mail handling technologies at Vnukovo Airport were first introduced in Russia, some of them are unique to the present.

Today Vnukovo-Cargo LLC provides a full range of services around the clock for processing all categories of cargo and mail, including animals, perishable, dangerous, valuable, diplomatic and other cargo requiring special conditions for processing, storage and transportation.

Convenient transport accessibility of Vnukovo International Airport — an extensive network of transport communications (Kiev, Borovskoe, Minsk highway), the proximity of the Vnukovo-Cargo terminal from passenger and cargo aircraft parking lots allow cargo and mail to be serviced in the shortest possible time, providing short connections between flights when servicing transfer cargo and mail.

Over the past years, Vnukovo-Cargo LLC has established itself as an effective and reliable partner for airlines and cargo clientele, which is confirmed by the annual intensive increase in the volume of cargo and mail handled, as well as the dynamic pace of development and attraction of airlines, agencies for the sale of air cargo and cargo clientele in the Moscow Aviation hub.

By the end of 2021, Vnukovo-Cargo LLC handled more than 78 thousand tons of cargo and mail. Since April 2022, Vnukovo Airport has been the second airport in Moscow and in the country in terms of cargo and mail handled — the only one in the capital of Russia showing positive growth rates compared to the same months of 2021.

On behalf of Vnukovo International Airport, we congratulate the mail and cargo terminal of Vnukovo-Cargo LLC on its 15th anniversary and wish you further successful development!

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air transport complexes in Russia. About 200 thousand flights of Russian and foreign airlines are serviced at the airport annually. The airport’s route network covers the entire territory of Russia, as well as neighboring countries, Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In 2019 Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record and served over 24 million passengers, which is 11,7% or 2.5 million passengers more than in 2018. Vnukovo airport complex with a total area of about 300 thousand square meters is able to provide a capacity of up to 35 million passengers per year. Vnukovo International Airport has the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin for the achieved labor successes and high performance in professional activity. It is the one case of such Gratitude among the airports in Russia. In addition, Vnukovo Airport has been recognized as the best airport in the highest category «International Airport» of the national award «Air Gates of Russia» three years in a row, and also has become the winner in the nomination «Best Airport: Facing Challenges 2020» within the framework of the National Exhibition of Civil Aviation Infrastructure NAIS.