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Vnukovo Airport Announces Results of Professional Skills Competition VKO – Profi

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Vnukovo International Airport hosted a series of professional skills competitions VKO — Profi, big and dynamic contests that have become a good tradition in Vnukovo and annually attract new participants as well as many spectators and fans. These competitions consist of a theoretical part and several stages of practical exercises.

The first competition was held on the airfield site among ten dump truck drivers of the Airfield Maintenance and Supply Service. The participants skillfully followed the designated route, consisting of five stages. It was extremely important to feel vehicle dimensions and avoid the obstacles. Igor Danilovsky, took the first place, Yuri Kimishkin — became second, Nikolai Komarov and Alexander Shchekoturov both shared the third place. «It is important to always strive for excellence in everything. VKO — Profi competitions help to improve skills and add thrill to life and work. I’m definitely participating again next year. I think this is a good and useful practice, ” said Igor Danilovsky, winner of the competition.

Competition site for rescuers and drivers of Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) was deployed at the emergency station on the territory of Vnukovo airport. Eight rescuers and eight airfield fire truck drivers demonstrated their skills for the right to become the best. The competitions were held in the form of exercises, which means the conditions were as close as possible to real life. Participants had to put out a simulated fire, evacuate an injured person (the rescue was carried out with a dummy), and cut the steel bars with special hydraulic shears. The average time to complete all stages of the competition was less than three minutes.

Here are the winners: Konstantin Velichko got the first place was, Yegor Larionov became second, the third place is shared by Varuzhan Mangursuzyan and Vitaly Samoilov.

Winners among ARFFS drivers: Ivan Korotkiy took the first place, Alexander Sorokin became second, Artur Kozik and Denis Davydov shared the third place.

The final competition of this season was held among ten agents of the passenger transportation service and call center employees. Their task was to transmit information in Russian and English as precisely as possible, solve passenger’s issue and settle a conflict situation.

Alexey Popovich, who participated for the third time, won this difficult professional competition, Alexander Tsaplin got the second place, Nadezhda Belyaeva and Sofya Pakhlevanyan shared the third place.

Summing up the results of the fourth season of VKO — Profi Svetlana Steshina, HR Director of Vnukovo International Airport JSC noted: «Competition is always a thrill, professional passion and motivation to achieve your goals. We are happy to see that our professional skill competitions are resonating with the employees of Vnukovo Airport. Every year, competition tasks become a new point of professional growth, and the participants are getting even more excited to complete them. We have big plans for the next season of VKO — Profi».

On behalf of Vnukovo International Airport, we congratulate the winners and all participants of the VKO — Profi 2022 competitions! Thank you for your huge contribution to the airport development!

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air transport facilities in Russia. The airport handles about 200,000 flights of Russian and foreign airlines annually. Its network covers the whole territory of Russia as well as near and far-abroad countries. In 2019, Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record and served more than 24 million passengers which is 11,7% or 2.5 million passengers more than in 2018. Vnukovo airport terminal with a total area of about 300,000 square meters is able to handle up to 35 million passengers per year. Vnukovo International Airport is the only airport in Russia to have received Letter of Commendation from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for labor achievements and high performance. Moreover, Vnukovo Airport was recognized as the Best International Airport by Air Gateway of Russia award at National Aviation Infrastructure Show (NAIS) for three consecutive years.